Enabling unity of human and machine


Delta Cygni Labs is the creator of XRTC® ultra low-latency firewall-friendly streaming, POINTR® video remote collaboration solution, and AstroVAR projected augmented reality system.

With roots dating back to 2008 and support from leading organizations such as VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Thales Alenia Space Italy, and the European Space Agency, Delta Cygni Labs has established itself as a leader in remote collaboration technology.

XRTC provides seamless communication for multiparty video, voice, and IIoT streaming over TCP. With its core technology eliminating head-of-line blocking, XRTC outperforms TCP-based solutions by up to 30 times. Unlike other web conferencing solutions based on UDP, XRTC requires no inbound ports, offering unparalleled security for operational technology deployments.

Powered by XRTC and inspired by the communication needs of space exploration, POINTR leverages cutting-edge telecommunication technology to empower people to collaborate from anywhere, anytime.

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History of Delta Cygni Labs
We unite the power of human and machine, society and technology, for efficient, safe and responsible development of humanity on Earth and in space
We co-create with our customers, ensure their business continuity, advance knowledge economy, and build sustainable ways of working
We stand for privacy of tomorrow, security by design, lean and agile philosophy to save the planet for the generations to come

When the first people land on Mars, they will have a remote collaboration system in their pocket. This is the key technology for the feasibility of human space exploration.

Dr. Boris Krassi, CEO, co-founder

Through augmented reality, we transform humanity from information society to knowledge society, making critical missions safer on Earth and in space.

Sauli Kiviranta, CTO, co-founder

Space grade performance, reliability and security are the foundation for digital transformation in industry. We nurture all these qualities.

Jan-Marc Raitz, partner

Delta Cygni is a triple star in the constellation of Cygnus – Latin name for swan. This third magnitude star is placed in the northern wing of swan and projected on the Orion-Cygnus arm of the Milky Way, our galaxy, where the Solar system is located. Due to precession – the periodic movement of Earth’s rotation axis – Delta Cygni will become the new Polar star near year 11250 AD.

"Labs" in the name signifies the strong research foundation of the company. Our logo – the Delta in the shape of rising black swan – refers to the unexpected events having a major impact on the history of humanity by the Black Swan theory.

Delta Cygni Labs is solving technical human-to-human communication problems for industry, by applying scientific results and fundamental concepts of Cybernetics, Human-Machine-Systems and Augmented Reality.


Co-creation with the customer is a must for the right product-market fit. We are turning deep tech into business value.

Marko Kulla, head of sales, partner
Leading a series of applied science projects with the European industries in augmented and virtual reality for high-value manual work support, specifically in the space and thermonuclear fusion (ITER) applications. Learn More
Founding Delta Cygni Labs as a spin-off of VTT State Technical Research Center of Finland. Productizing “Astrovar” – a portable projected augmented reality equipment designed to assist astronauts in intra- and extravehicular activities onboard of the International Space Station. Learn More
Launching “POINTR”, DCL’s current product – a mobile cloud-based remote collaboration solution powered by augmented reality. Learn More
Cooperation with the European Space Agency in the PointSat project to develop "XRTC" - the next generation of real time voice, video, AR, IoT streaming protocol. Learn More
Augmented reality sticky instructions deployed in POINTR for mass use on modern smart phones. Powerful workflows, built for purpose, fast and cybersecure XRTC-based backbone, POINTR reaches 55000 B2B users across 160+ countries. On-premise deployment thanks to off-line POINTR capability (e.g. vessels, mines, goverment). Learn More
“XRTC” public API and open-source SDK released to unlock the full potential of 5G for real time streaming across organizational boundaries. Pave the way for remotely operated vehicles, UAV controlled beyond the line of site, real time could AI. Learn More

Delta Cygni Labs: Collaboration from Oklahoma to Mars!

Stephen Lee, space enthusiast, USA